Transporters are compatible with all smartphones.



  • Attachments don’t block wireless charging
  • Due to the glass being on the back of the Samsung/Galaxy phones, we strongly recommend that the attachments be put on a case instead of being placed directly on these phones, or
    we strongly recommend you apply (large) clear tape on the entire back of phone before adding attachments.
  • Serves as a mount of any smart phone for all automobiles.
  • Serves as a mount of any smart phone for Viewing Frames.
  • Allows phone users to position their phone in mount when inside an automobile.
  • Can attach to any cell phone case.
  • Includes two (2) attachments.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 3.25 × 0.45 in
Colors Available

Black/Orange Ink, Black/White Ink, Glossy Silver/Black Ink, Dull Silver/Black Ink


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