Hawk Gear LLC Profile/Introduction

Our online store has been established in the USA since 2017 and we specialize in advertising and selling new products. Our market is global. Hawk Gear was founded to offer new and high quality products to the public online instead of via the traditional brick and mortar. By making the shopping experience online convenient we hope to earn your trust as a store that you will come to visit and shop often.

Our Mission

“Where we strive to be your community online store. ”

Our Products

For starters we are proud to introduce to the world several new and innovative products by Mounting Watches, LLC, that we think will revolutionize how we interact with our phones in our vehicles and in our homes. Our flagship product, the Transporter, has been uniquely engineered with the three following goals in mind. First, we want to enable drivers to easily mount their phones in a stable position and connect to their Internet radio and phone through Bluetooth using their car radio to avoid holding their phone while driving. Second, we want to enable rear seat passengers to enjoy videos when traveling. Finally, the third goal is to extend to virtually all users the freedom to convert their phones into small televisions without being forced to hold them in their hands for several hours.

The first accessory, known as the Viewing Frame, is engineered to compliment Transporters by creating a means to mount phones in Viewing Frames and allow users to view personal videos without being forced to constantly hold phones in hands when viewing. The second accessory, known as Bumpers, is uniquely designed to protect phones from being damaged when dropped while at the same time providing the ideal holding grips for easy carrying. At this time we encourage you to browse our site further and for those of you who have a product and would like to do business with us you are encouraged to peruse the advertising option and submit your product for consideration.